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7 Top Dashcam Benefits for Teen Drivers

By Ina P. March 17, 2022 0 comments

Dash cams are remote camera systems installed in the front or rear of vehicles, and their purpose is to capture happenings around the car. Over the last few years, these cameras have become more popular, and it is easy to see why drivers are investing in this smart choice.

Indeed, drivers, parents of teen drivers, bystanders, and other road users have significantly benefitted from dashcams. In this article, we will be sharing a few of these benefits.

Asides from providing footage of the driver's road trip, a dashcam comes with several features that allow users to have an advantage of awareness and safety. So if you want to discover an effortless way to watch your parked car, keep an eye on your teen driver, prove that you are not responsible for an accident, etc., a dashcam might be all you need. Keep reading to discover some benefits of installing this camera in your car, especially for teen drivers.

Monitor Teen Drivers

It can be nerve-wracking for parents to watch their teens drive alone, but with dash cams and other security features like G-sensors and GPS tracking systems that can trigger alerts, you can ensure the safety of your teen drivers. According to the CDC, there is a higher risk of motor accidents in teens aged 16-19 than in any other age group.

Institutions can use recordings from dash cams to train new drivers and teen drivers, educating them on the need to ensure safety and caution while driving. Parents can also include a cabin view dash to help capture footage of the vehicle's inside.

Capture Accident Evidence

Dash cams are like an additional pair of eyes that can help you record accident scenes and ascertain your innocence in an accident. It is an excellent way to keep your insurance premium at a minimum. Also, you can catch hit and run drivers using footage from dashcams around.

Usually, dishonest or scared drivers may run away from the accident scene, leaving you to pay high costs of damages, but a dashcam will help you see the incident. If you installed yours with a high-resolution camera, you could see license plates and other intricate details that can assist the police track the culprit down.

Submit Footage to Insurance Companies

Several factors can influence insurance rates, such as age, driving record, and commute distance. Vehicle crashes and speeding tickets can also cause your insurance fee to double. 

If an accident occurs, a dashcam will help your insurance company get a clear report of the incident and prove that you are not at fault. Of course, no one likes to be involved in a car crash,  but sometimes,  careless drivers run into cautious drivers, causing an accident. 

Instead of arguing back and forth about who is right or wrong in the car crash incident, a dashcam will provide a real-time report of the scene.

Share Footage with Police

Dash cams are great for capturing accidents,  but they can also be valuable proof for police in reckless driving situations. In fact, some dash cams offer an expansive view that allows you to capture cyclists, pedestrians, and other road users who may be misusing the road. 

Suppose your dashcam has captured footage of a reckless driver or a careless cyclist or pedestrian; you can share the evidence with the police and assist them in bringing the culprit to book. You may even be saving a victim who may have accrued high hospital and insurance bills.

Some organizations mandate their professional drivers to use dashcams in public transport, truck fleets, and other vehicles. They do this so that if a crime happens around their vehicle,  a dashcam can provide proof to clear up accusations and even help in court.

Capture Scenic Views

Even though dash cams serve as an excellent device for safety and prevention, they also offer great assistance for capturing and documenting beautiful outdoor scenes. With a clear dash cam, you can enjoy long drives through your favorite spots and capture detailed footage while at it.

Considering that dash cams allow you to download, edit and share footage,  you can create and preserve beautiful records of trips.

Record Your Surroundings

With a front and rear-facing camera, you can obtain footage of a nearly 360° view of your environment. Dashcams not only record your driving; some of them have powerful power sources and settings that enable them to record even after you've parked your car.

It can be upsetting when someone has left a scratch or a dent on your car, and if you don't have access to footage, you can't determine who the wrongdoer is. If you have encountered this challenge before,  or if you want to prevent it, choose a dashcam capable of recording even after you've parked.

You can be sure that your vehicle is protected against theft and vandalism, and this measure typically discourages deviants from perpetrating a crime altogether.

Record the Inside of your Vehicle

Though some people might consider this an invasion of privacy, it is legal to use dash cams for the interior of vehicles. Employees of Lyft and Uber can record their trips to ensure their safety.

Similarly, public transport and school buses can document journeys and promote the protection of both passengers and drivers.


Dashcams can provide video evidence that security officials will use to identify criminals, prove that a driver is innocent, and ensure the safety of drivers and vehicle occupants. 

We have outlined some of these benefits in this article, and we hope you enjoyed reading it. Indeed, you know more about dashcams and their importance to teen drivers.

Please leave a comment below if you liked this article, and remember to share!

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