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Top Car Accessories to Help Prevent Car Theft

By Ina P. April 19, 2022 0 comments

There are often various uses and purposes for car accessories, like helping to beautify your vehicle, and maximizing its functionality, and they can also protect your car from theft. Indeed, you will agree that taking preventive measures to ensure the safety of your car is a lot easier than tracking down a stolen car.

Considering how rampant the theft of vehicles has become, it is only essential that we curb this menace. This article outlines some car theft prevention devices that will allow you to enjoy relaxing rides and protect your vehicle against theft. Read on to discover them.

Remote Car Starter

A remote car starter system helps you operate your vehicle from a distance using a remote control or smartphone app. Basic remote systems allow you to turn your vehicle off and on, but some more sophisticated systems can allow you to include additional security and convenience features.

Even as an overly careful person, you can be tempted to quickly dash into your house after putting the key in the ignition, and a thief can take advantage of this moment to take off with your car.

By installing a remote car starter, you can be sure that your car is safe. The remote system allows you to turn on the car but makes it impossible for the car to shift gears. You can simply push a button from the comfort of your home, stroll out of an already heated car, and have no fear of anyone driving away in your car.

Typically, remote car starters include an ignition kill switch, car alarm functions, and an app.

Smart Car Alarm

To prevent car theft, you can install an intelligent car alarm in your vehicle. The good thing about this alarm system is that it will alert everyone around and send alert notifications to your mobile phone.

Most smart car alarm systems come with an all-in-one function that will allow you to start your car remotely and regulate the temperature of the interior. Some even go further to provide you with additional information, such as the state of the engine, doors, ignition, trunk, etc.

Kill Switch

Another preventive measure against car theft is ensuring that your car is always locked, and the perfect accessory for this feature is a kill switch. Kill switches are designed to stop your vehicle from working if someone tries to steal it.

Kill switches vary from ignition kill switches, car battery disconnection, fuel line valves, and fuse box kill switches. This means that you can connect kill switches to any of these parts to stop the vehicle from starting.

Install it in a hidden spot and activate it every time you step out of your vehicle. Even if someone has access to your key, the car will be immobile for as long as the switch is not flipped.

Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock is also one of the most affordable car accessories you can employ to keep your car secure. The lock hooks onto the steering, and with a unique key, you can lock it in place. The steering wheel lock has a unique design that allows the more extended arm to bump into the windshield or console if you turn the steering.

A steering wheel lock in your vehicle is enough to discourage any thief; however, it is best to pair your wheel lock with another anti-theft device for extra safety.

VIN Etching Kit

Thousands of cars are reported stolen in the U.S daily, and one fact remains that some people steal cars to sell them off in parts. Apparently, with an identification number etched on parts of a vehicle, it becomes risky to sell because law enforcement can easily trace the number.

When you etch your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) onto your windows, the risk of theft reduces considerably. Though it may not be sufficient to keep all thieves away, it will certainly keep most of them away.

Dash Cam

Dash cams are mobile camera systems that you can install in the front, rear, and even your vehicle's interior. These devices are built to capture happenings around the car. It is one of car owners' most common measures against car theft.

It provides footage of the driver's trip, and it also has extra features that can help you watch over your car while it is parked and monitor movements around it.

How to Prevent Car Theft

It is not enough to install various anti-theft devices in your vehicle. It is also vital to ensure that you take conscious steps to prevent car theft. Here are some suggestions to keep your vehicle safe:

- Always keep your doors locked: Even if you're only stepping out of your car for a moment, ensure that you've locked your doors properly.

- Keep your spare key as far away from the car as possible: Some people keep their spare keys under the car, or in the car, as a precaution for when they lock their car key in.

Thieves know where to search for an extra key, making this a dangerous move. Instead, keep your extra car key in a safe place far away from the vehicle.

- Install a vehicle tracker: A vehicle recovery system also has many accessories you can install in your car to help locate it if it gets stolen. Typically, tracking systems use wireless or GPS technology to send signals to monitoring devices or the police to let them know the vehicle's current location.

- Don't leave valuable items in your car: Valuables such as cell phones, purses, etc., can be targeted by thieves, especially when these items are visible. To prevent car theft, it is better to leave valuable items at home, and if you must have them with you, ensure they are out of sight.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article, seeing that we discussed some anti-theft devices you can install in your vehicle to safeguard it from thieves. We also mentioned some preventive measures you can take to protect your car further.

Please let's know your thought. Leave a comment below, and don't forget to share!

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