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Reasons Why You Need A Wireless Car Phone Charger

By Heather Whitney July 23, 2022 0 comments

Cars are luxuries, and there's no denying the satisfaction you get from acquiring the car of your dreams. You know how much value this commodity holds, but it is noteworthy that a car is only as good as its functionalities.

Hence, car owners often try to pimp their vehicles to ensure they are as functional and satisfactory as possible. While some owners prefer to work on their car's exterior to make the most of its design, others may choose to add accessories within to improve the car's functions.

Car accessories are items added to a car to contribute to or improve its secondary functions. Although some car accessories can influence the car's primary functions, most will only just compliment the car features to improve comfort.

They help ensure that your car features are not limited to the manufacturers' design and help you to a more personalized experience. One thing that always comes to mind about car accessories, especially in this modern-day, is a charger.

The pioneer manufacturers of car chargers banked on the importance of mobile phones and the importance of a charged battery. This accessory has undoubtedly proven to be a brilliant addition to the luxury that cars are. This article will focus on the wireless car charger and why it may be necessary to acquire one.

What Is A Wireless Car Charger?

A wireless car charger is a device that allows you to charge your mobile phone in your car without USB cables. It utilizes a charging pad that promotes convenience and eliminates the need to liter your car carrying cables around.

You'll also avoid fiddling with cables when you want to charge, as you can easily place the phone on the charging pad and take it out when it has charged to your satisfaction. Few car accessories can offer you so much convenience for such an important feature.

The concept of wireless charging has existed for a while, but it wasn't given much recognition since it was only used to charge minor devices like electric toothbrushes.

However, this technology has recently enjoyed more attention, which has led to the introduction of wireless phone chargers. Of course, this technology has received positive reviews, and owners have testified to its usability. Hence, it is no surprise that many tech industries are adopting this technology.

Having this device in your car makes it much easier to charge your phone while driving. You also get a free pad to hood your phone while you drive. Unlike initial models that could only function per device, new wireless car chargers now adopt Qi standards, allowing you to charge all your devices with one charger.

Why You Need A Wireless Car Charger

Wireless car chargers have become very popular, and many car owners have since acquired this device and are enjoying its benefits. Like other car accessories, wireless car chargers help improve the secondary functions of your car.

But there's no denying how essential it can turn out to be on days when you have a low battery. If you are still indifferent about the wireless car charger, here are some reasons you need to get one.

  • Convenience: The most obvious benefit of wireless chargers is their convenience. With a wireless charger in your car, you do not have to worry about USB cables and the mess they cause. They are also straightforward to use as you just have to place your phone on the charging pad and watch your battery get charged.
  • Versatility: As earlier pointed out, new model wireless car chargers can be used to charge different smartphones conveniently. In fact, some wireless chargers allow you to charge other devices like your watches, pods, etc. You can also charge them simultaneously, as most wireless chargers have multiple charging stations.
  • Durability: wireless chargers are durable, unlike USB charging, where you can easily misplace your cables. You also do not have to worry about the wear and tear frequent cables use can cause for your device's USB port.

Safety Concerns And Precautions When Using Wireless Car Charger

Like other devices, there are some safety concerns related to the wireless car charger.

However, you can rest assured that these concerns are limited and totally preventable. Of course, you always want to consider your safety and your family when purchasing any device.

Here are the concerns with wireless car chargers and the precautions for safe usage.

  • Field Exposure: This is a common concern regarding wireless charging that many owners have worried about. However, it is worth knowing that although it does emit EMF radiation, it is in a meager range that does not expose you to any danger.
  • Overheating: Yes, wireless charging tends to generate a bit more heat than USB charging. But it is not as harmful to your battery as often suggested. In fact, your battery may only be at risk if you frequently overcharge it, so you should be careful not to overcharge when using a wireless car charger.

Best Wireless Car Chargers For You

Indeed, the benefits of owning a wireless car charger are too significant to ignore. But making the right wireless charger to purchase can be an overwhelming task.

Of course, there are a lot of exciting models, but there are also a handful of substandard products in the market.

Hence, we have listed some excellent wireless charger products for you.

Explon's Fast Wireless Charging Pad: This product is 100% safe to use, and it charges your device at a swift pace, as the name suggests. It is also versatile and can be used to charge all Qi smartphones.

Explon's 6-in-1 Wireless Charger: This is a multifunctioning car charger for multiple fast charging. It has up to six functioning pads that allow you to simultaneously charge your smartphone and other smart devices in the comfort of your car.

Explon's 4-in-1 Compatible Wireless Charger: Talk about compatibility and versatility, and this charger is your best bet. It is speedy and can charge up to four different devices consecutively.


The wireless car charger is a next-generation technology that allows you to charge your smartphone and other devices in your car without USB cables.

Wireless car chargers are excellent devices, and the reasons to get one are highlighted in their benefits. This article has highlighted the benefits of owning a wireless car charger and some outstanding products for your convenience.

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