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5 Uses of Dash Cams – Why Should You Get One?

By Ina P. November 05, 2021 0 comments

One of the common questions that pop up in the minds of people buying a new car is ‘should I get a dash cam?’. If you are one of those, don’t worry – you are not alone.

Several new car owners (and in some cases old car owners too) ask themselves this question. Let us try to find an answer to this question and understand why getting a dash cam can be a good idea. 

What is a dash camera?

Video is the rage nowadays – the popularity of Instagram reels, TikTok videos, YouTube shorts, and more points to this fact. While it is always nice to record your life's moments, video can be particularly useful when you capture it from the dashboard of your car.

Dashcams do exactly that. These small video cameras mounted inside a car has more uses and advantages than you ever thought of. With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to get high-quality dash cams at reasonable prices.

Thanks to increasing demand, it is likely that dash cameras would see even more developments in the coming days. 

The demand and market for dashcams are likely to grow according to a report by the Grand View Research. The global dashboard camera market is set to grow at a CAGR of 12.9%, in terms of revenue, from 2021 to 2028. Furthermore, the demand for basic dashboard cameras can go beyond 81.0 million units by 2028.

If you find these numbers surprising and are wondering what dash cams are used for that they enjoy such high demand, read on.

Five uses of Dash Cam

While there are several uses of having a dashcam in your car, here are the five most common uses:

First-Hand Evidence in Case an Accident Occurs

dash cam uses

This is the main reason why most car owners/drivers opt to install a dash camera in their vehicles. As the dash camera automatically records as soon as you start the vehicle’s engine, you can access real-time, efficient, visual proof in case any accident occurs.

In case of a dispute, you will have the dashcam visuals speaking for you. You will not need any more evidence or expert help to defend yourself.

Dashcam visuals can be a great ally to establish that you have followed the rules and regulations, and the other party is at fault. It can also help you in the event you get a wrong speeding ticket. Your dash cam would record the speed of the vehicle and if you are charged by mistake, you can contest it with the help of dashcam visuals.

Help to Settle insurance claims

In certain countries like the UK, insurance companies offer discounts for drives that use a dash camera. Regardless of the discount, the recordings can help to speed up an insurance claim. Furthermore, it can help prevent an increase in insurance premiums.

Dash Cams Help to Keep an eye on your car

When you park on street, the dashcam can be used as a surveillance device to protect your car. If anyone tries to steal or vandalize your car, it can photograph/record the incident and even alert you to the intrusion.

Likewise, if someone bumps your car when parking, the camera’s motion detector will start recording and send you a message to your smartphone. Motion sensor cameras are a feature of modern-day cars and are a great deterrent against such misdeeds.

A dashcam can also monitor a mechanic to make sure the entrusted job is carried out properly. It can tell you if the mechanic has done things in the correct way and if there was a test drive after finishing the work.

Some drivers also find dash cams a useful tool against racial profiling. There have been incidents where drivers received protection against unwarranted police stops, racial abuse, and the like.

Drive with Extra Protection

Some dash cams come with safety features such as lane departure warnings and collision alerts among others. Certain dash cam models use a second camera with a wide field of vision, facing backward that shows if a car is in the driver’s blind spot.

Certain other models offer you the option of using a split screen to monitor the traffic behind you. Certain modern cars have cameras that detect any vehicle approaching too fast and alert the driver to the oncoming reckless vehicle.

Record Your Trip and the Scenery on the Way

dash cam uses

Dashcams offer you the perfect means to record your trip and save the memories of your trip.

With the camera recording everything, you will never rue a missed chance to record something spectacular – like a rainbow on the road or a rare animal crossing the road ahead. Even a sunset or sunrise can be amazing, and you can record it on the go without any extra effort.

If you have multiple cameras installed, you can record the scenes from inside the car too.

This could be a fun way to create a record of your family trip or get some great videos of your kids while on road.

Other Points to Note on Uses of Dash Cams

It is possible to use multiple cameras with your dashcam. This is a useful feature for monitoring rideshares. Taxis can also use this feature to monitor passengers traveling in the taxi. 

GPS positioning and tracking will record your location and speed, akin to the black box on a plane. These features can be extremely useful if you use the video as evidence in court.

Automatic recording is available in several car models to record the event if you ever find yourself in a serious accident. The footage will be automatically saved.

All you need is to retrieve the dash camera or make arrangements to retrieve it before the authorities tow away your vehicle. Nowadays, dash cams come with cloud storage. If so, you can back up the recordings automatically in the cloud and retrieve them later.

It is also possible for the dashcam to send you alerts and recordings to your Smartphone when connected to Wi-Fi. Likewise, a Wi-Fi connection can help you upload the dashcam videos to your cloud storage easily.


As you can see from the above points, having a dash camera installed in your vehicle puts you in a helpful position.

Although a good dashcam might cost you anything between $50 and $150, the long-term uses of das cams far outweigh the cost incurred. You might have to incur some cost for installing the dashcam too. But it is totally worth it. 

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