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Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dashcam

By Ina P. February 04, 2022 0 comments

Dash cams are becoming more popular because of their numerous benefits. In addition, their evolving features partly contribute to their uptake. Also, they are getting smaller and easy to fix. Besides, their prices are dropping with increasing popularity. Moreover, some advanced ones even provide superior functions and features like driver assistance, e.g., speed alerts.

But the actual value of a dashcam lies in its captured footage. For example, you can use it to exonerate yourself from a traffic incident. Additionally, police officers are obligated to have their dashcams on due to public outcry on unlawful stops and searches.

Although dashcams don’t necessarily reduce car accidents, they can help reduce out-of-the-pocket payments in damages. Below are some of the top reasons why you should have a dashcam.

1. Reduce Your Insurance Premium and Eliminate Insurance Fraud

Your dashcam footage provides invaluable and indisputable evidence in a settlement after a collision. The evidence helps eliminate the need for eyewitnesses with varying accidents and prone to lying.

In addition, some insurance companies provide insurance discounts for customers with fitted dash cams on their vehicles. Hence, dashcams make you pay less for regular insurance premiums.

Moreover, it helps eliminate auto insurance fraud. The world is never short of crooks. Some drivers can intentionally cause accidents to defraud you and your insurance company. Also, fake eyewitnesses can be part of the scam. However, dashcam footage can expose the fraud and the fake eyewitnesses.

2. Provides Irrefutable Evidence of a Road Accident

As illustrated above, the number one reason for installing a dashcam is to use the footage as evidence in case of an accident or incident. The video before, during, and after an accident or incident helps to show what happened explicitly. This indisputable evidence is crucial for rightful convictions and exonerations. And it does not only apply to your car alone.

dash cam

Your dashcam may capture an incident involving other cars or incidents near your vehicle. Using your dashcam footage, you may help resolve an ensuing case from such an incident or accident.

Therefore, dashcam footage is crucial evidence to help you and others in a court or dispute.

3. Monitor Your Car in the Parking Lot

Car parking can be tricky and accidental, especially for beginners. You can easily scratch other cars as you struggle to park yours in the parking lot correctly. A dashcam can help you, as a beginner driver, to navigate around parking without scraping other cars.

Additionally, a properly installed dashcam can effectively capture any vandals or attempted break-ins into your car. It will be helpful, especially when you leave your vehicle unattended in public or poorly lit spaces. Another advantage of using the dashcams is that you don’t need to leave your engine on.

Hence, you can have peace of mind knowing your car is safe in the parking lot.

4. They are Relatively Affordable

Dashcams was a luxury only affordable to a handful of people. Currently, the prices have dropped-with $30, you can grab one. The amazing part is that you can record a 1080p resolution of footage (FULL HD) at that inexpensive price range.

However, you may have to dip deeper to get high-quality models capable of crisp footage regardless of the weather. In essence, they enable you to record crisp details of number plates and other aspects despite the weather conditions.

5. Capture Your Favorite Moments on a Road Trip

Do you enjoy your rides or road trips and wish to relive or share them with friends? Whether it’s therapeutic solo rides, friends, or family road trips, you can record the moments through your dashcams.

Moreover, you can easily edit and share the road trip’s footage. Then, feed your nostalgia later, courtesy of your dashcam.

6. Have Additional Useful Functions and Features

Also, dashcams provide additional and helpful driver assistance functions. For example, some dashcams are pre-installed with GPS for speed and location tracking. Additionally, the cameras will allow you to efficiently record and manage your journey.

Other features like route management, file management, cloud links, and high-definition LCD screens improve the driving experience.

Additionally, these cameras have low battery usage that enhances their lifespans.

7. Helps in Commercial Fleet Management

If you are running commercial fleet management, you will gain a lot from dashcams. Besides location tracking, you can easily monitor employee actions in real-time.

dash cam recording in a car

Such a 360-degree view of your business operations helps improve efficiency and transparency. Additionally, it may reduce your insurance premiums because you can get significant business insurance discounts.

8. Help in Driving Tuition and Monitoring Adherence to Safety Measures

If you are a parent or instructor teaching young kids or adults to drive, the dashcam can be helpful. It acts as an extra eye watching out for everything about the learner’s skills. You can review the footage to provide driving advice. Additionally, you can use the footage to understand which driving skills need improvement.

Additionally, the positioning of the dashcam to capture the whole windscreen helps a driver stick to their lane. You can also implement safety measures like putting safety belts on through dashcams. Hence, dashcams can be valuable when you help your loved ones learn how to drive safely.

9. Staying Safe when Carrying Passengers

If you are a cab driver, you should fix a dashcam into the taxi. It is critical, especially if you work at night; they can assure your security and peace of mind. The dashcam will give you the rear and front view of the cab and the interior. It is a helpful piece of evidence if something happens during your trips.

However, you must explicitly inform your passengers that they are being recorded. Hence, consider placing a sign of the same.


You shouldn’t miss out on the current trend in car dashcams. Imagine paying lower auto or business insurance premiums because of installing dash cams.

But, they provide more benefits than reduced insurance premiums;

- Provide indisputable traffic evidence helpful in disputes
- Help you capture your exhilarating road trips moments
- Assists you in parking and securing your car in the parking lot
- Provide an extra eye for commercial fleet operation management
- Assist in enhancing driving skills for young or adult learners
- Provide added functional features to improve your driving experience.

    Another reason why you shouldn’t skip installing a dashcam is that they are relatively inexpensive. So, why not enjoy all these benefits when it’s worth it?


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