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When Do You Need Glasses for Driving?

By Ina P. October 09, 2021 0 comments

There are important eye symptoms you must pay attention to if you drive a car. A major one is knowing when to get glasses. 


The eyes are vital organs for the body. Primarily, it is the organ for sight. However, there could be different reasons leading to them becoming ineffective. As a driver, identifying the color of traffic lights, reading signs, and seeing vehicles around are vital for safe driving. 

This content gives a guide on driving, signs to watch, as it answers the important question when do you need glasses for driving

driving glasses on a desk

The Eyes and Driving

Everyone would agree that driving requires a lot of eye activities. The eyes must see clearly what is before it via the windscreen, and watch what is happening behind using the front and side mirrors. 

Various parts of the eyesight are necessary while driving. They include depth perception, peripheral vision, recognition of color, ability to focus, ability to make contrast and give details of differing light, ability to read or see objects from afar off, and many more. 

Symptoms to pay attention to 

Symptoms of bad eyesight are similar and general across all functions. For example, if one cannot see an apple clearly while afar, the same condition will surface while driving. Hence, the same solution of contact lenses or glasses will apply to one’s everyday life and driving. However, when it comes to driving, eyesight appears to be more important.  

It becomes important to know the essential symptoms that may be signs of poor eyesight for driving. Nevertheless, these symptoms can be managed for daily activities but not driving. The symptoms include; 

Blurred vision

Blurred vision is a serious eye condition that needs urgent medical attention. There could be different reasons for blurred vision and the optician is the best option in such cases. Such an individual should not drive until the vision is clear and stable.

Hazy or fuzz vision

Hazy vision is different from blurred vision. Hazy vision is thick but not clear while blurred vision may be clear but not very clear. Hazy vision may see an apple as a round object while blurred vision might see it as a pear instead. 

Either the vision is hazy or blurred, it still needs medical attention. The situation is more serious if the person needs to drive at night. Glasses for night driving should be an effective consideration if it stabilizes the person’s eyes. 

vision with and without driving glasses


Squinting can be a reflex action when there is bright sunlight. However, it could be a sign of danger if a driver has to squint at every encounter with light. Some lights may be brighter in the dark – one can get night driving glasses for such cases. 

However, if one has to squint more during daytime driving, it is a sign that needs a visit to the optician. 


Not all headaches imply an eye defect. Similarly, ignoring all types of headaches may not be the best, especially for a driver. There may be different reasons for headaches at various times. It becomes a critical sign when the headaches are so persistent and reduce focus while driving. 

Seeing halos around oncoming bright lights

Bright lights are reflective and some display halos. Nighttime driving may require night vision glasses to avoid distractions by halos. 

Notwithstanding, some people may see halos around oncoming bright lights during the day. Such experience is enough to sign to answer the question, when do you need glasses for driving?

Tired or irritated eyes or eyestrain

Tired or irritated eyes or eye strain is common among older folks. A young individual can experience eyestrains too due to uncontrollable exposure of the eyes to light. Hence, it is better to have night vision driving glasses because, at nighttime, the eyes are strained to allow more light in and see clearly. 

Trouble seeing while driving at night

Having trouble while driving at night could be the most serious symptom of all. Once an individual cannot see well during late driving, such needs glasses for their daily activities and driving. The best advice, in this case, is to urgently seek medical attention. 

Oftentimes, there are several prescriptive treatments medical practitioners may suggest to aid one’s vision. It could be polarized glasses that can help with glare or night driving glasses to control the effect of bright light.   

For some conditions, glasses do not solve the vision problem but may exacerbate issues. In order to be certain if something is wrong with one’s eyesight, one can go for a comprehensive eye test. This test will help to know the current situation of the eyesight and the correcting tools that would help anyone with unfavorable eye experiences.   

driving glasses on a desk

Driver’s Eye Examination

Driver’s eye examination is an acuity test for vision. It is similar to the normal eye test one would do with an eye doctor – like reading objects on the wall or objects placed some meters away. Difficulty or inability to read the “far objects” is an obvious indication that the eyesight needs further testing or probable correction. 

The truth is that the eyesight deteriorates as people get old but to various degrees. An older person having difficulty with sight can hire a driver to drive them around. For younger people, they can seek the right medical attention and consider a possible solution to the eye conditions. 

So, when do you need glasses for driving? Any moment there is discomfort with the eyes, more especially while driving. 


In life, safety is paramount and unnegotiable. Once there are issues or little concerns about the eyesight while driving, either at night or during the day, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor immediately. 

Safe driving! 

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