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Types of Key Finders and Benefit of Having Them

By Ina P. October 13, 2021 0 comments

Nothing is as frustrating as losing your keys when you need them most. Say when you are late to work and cannot get into your office. Or when you get home after a long, tiresome day, only to realize you do not have your keys. If you are tired of losing your keys and want a lasting solution to your problem, then a key finder is what you need.

What are Key Finders?

Key finders are electronic devices that you can use to locate your keys quickly. Most key finders have key chains connected to your keys and a base station that you can leave at a central place in your office or home. This way, whenever you misplace your key, you can get it by simply pressing the button. The key finder will beep loudly, and you can track the sound to get to your keys.

How Do Key Finders Work?

So here is how a key finder works. Key finders are equipped to transmit and receive invisible signals from the base station to your keychain. Most key finders use either Bluetooth signals or radiofrequency waves to transmit these signals. 

You can then pair your key finder to your phone through Bluetooth, and you will be able to find it anytime you need it. For instances where you are far from your key finder, you can use your phone’s Wi-Fi connection to locate your keys.

For lost keys within 100 or more feet, you will need an app to locate them. The app you use will depend on what kind of key finder you are using.

key finder

Radiofrequency Key Finder

If your key finder uses RF technology to locate keys, you cannot pair it to your phone. RF finders only use their remote-control transmitters. This will save you the trouble of having to install or purchase additional apps.

You also do not need an internet connection to use the RF key finder. All you need to do is press the button on the transmitter. It will then prompt an alarm that you can use to track your key.

The RF key finder also has sensor lights that make it much easier to locate your keys even as the alarm goes off.

Bluetooth Key Finder

Bluetooth key finders are helpful if you want a key finder that easily connects to your phone. As long as you have your phone on you, you can track the corresponding key finder and get to your lost keys.

Another amazing thing about the Bluetooth key finder is that you can use your key finder to locate your smartphone any time you misplace it in your house.

Audible Key Finder

The audio key finder is not as common as the RF and Bluetooth key finder. However, it is effective since it does not rely on electronic or radio waves. This type of key finder contains two parts; the receiver and transmitter.

The transmitter will emit a chirping sound, prompting a chirping response from the receiver. However, not many people buy this type of key finder.

Benefits of Key Finders

Help Locate Lost Keys

Just as the name suggests, key finders are very useful when it comes to locating lost keys. So if you easily forget where you place your keys, a key finder could be your best solution. 

The secret is in finding what type works best for you. That will depend on where you often lose your keys. For instance, an audible key finder works best for mobile places since you can carry it along with you.

Saves Your Time

Imagine what you can achieve in the few extra minutes you spend each day looking for your keys! A key finder could mean saving those extra five minutes, or sometimes hours! Lost keys could cost you huge opportunities, and it would be best to get a key finder and save yourself the trouble and time.

Reduces Tension and Stress

Losing your keys can get really stressful, especially after the first few minutes of searching. The tension and stress that follow are beyond words, particularly if the key you’ve lost is one to a secure place such as your office. 

key finder

Having a key finder will save you immense stress by helping you locate your keys as soon as you misplace them. 

Locating other items

Well, although the primary function of a key finder is to find lost keys, you can use yours to locate other lost items such as your wallet, luggage, or even pets! Key finders are particularly useful if you want an easy time finding your luggage as you travel. By attaching one to your suitcase, you reduce the amount of time you will spend searching through other people’s bags.

Get Yourself the Perfect Key Finder

Although all key finders are functional and practical, your perfect key finder will be dependent on your needs and how often you misplace your keys.

For instance, an audible key finder may be best when searching in smaller areas, while the Bluetooth key finder will suit your needs in larger places. All in all, a key finder is a necessary device that you cannot overlook.

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