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How to Choose an Air Purifier for Your Car

By Ina P. October 29, 2021 0 comments

Everywhere you go, even in your house, air pollution is a huge concern. While driving, you're exposed to car fumes, environmental pollution from factories, dust particles from the road, and even pollen which can lead to sneezing and wheezing to those with allergies.

All these pollutants put your health at risk and your overall quality of life down. To prevent this, you need to create a healthier environment. It means reducing pollution and ensuring you breathe cleaner air. One way to achieve this is by investing in a car air purifier. 

How Does the Air Inside Your Car Get Polluted?

Several factors put the air quality inside your car at risk. For one, you can never totally shut out any environmental pollutants as you have to periodically open windows and doors. 

Additionally, if you have a pet or children in the car, there is always an additional source of dust, dirt, dander, and fur.

car air purifier

Then there are the smog particles that you breathe in when you're on the road. The engine emits hazardous chemicals that can cause health problems with prolonged exposure. Other pollutants include

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Bacteria in the air
  • Dust
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide from the engine
  • Odors

The buildup of these pollutants can cause health issues like allergies, asthma, and even cancer. It can also make the environment less comfortable. For instance, when your car is full of cigarette smoke and you're a non-smoker, you'll not feel comfortable.

How do Air Purifiers Work?

There are several varieties of air purifiers, with most using some form of HEPA filtration technology. Different brands have different designs, but they all work pretty much the same way. 

They have a filtering system to trap dust particles and other pollutants before reaching the fan in the car's cabin. An electronic ionizer then charges the particles to make it easier for them to stick on HEPA filters. Some systems also neutralize foul odors in the car.

The filter traps airborne pollutants, including bacteria, pollen, dust mites, and cigarette smoke as you drive. You can replace or wash your filter depending on each brand's design. Note that not all models can trap microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, which help prevent flu symptoms.

Do Car Air Purifiers Work?

The short answer is yes…they do. However, you need to choose the one that will work best for your situation because not all car air purifiers are created equal. There are some factors to consider when selecting a car air purifier to meet your needs and preferences. 

What To Consider When Getting a Car Air Purifier

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the car air purifier are some of the most important factors to consider because you need something that's not too heavy or bulky to not interfere with how you drive. It should fit comfortably in a seat, a cup holder, or a storage space. Also, keep in mind that devices lighter in weight will need to work harder to capture the pollutants around you.


Air purifiers come in various designs and styles. Some look like tubes, while others are more streamlined with a modern design. If you're looking for something inconspicuous, you might want one that doesn't attract attention or take up too much space.


One of the most important factors to consider is the brand because some companies are committed to premium customer service, warranty, and support. In contrast, others want you to buy their product then move on.

Take time to learn about the brand's reputation, which you can find online, or ask your friends and family for recommendations. Find out if they're known for reliable products, support, and warranties.


This factor is essential because you don't want to overspend on a device that might not meet your expectations. There are many affordable options as well as those that are more expensive. You can use a car air purifier on a budget or spend more to get one with advanced features and more power.


A few advanced features include pre-filters that trap more significant pollutants, catalytic converters which eliminate odors, and germicidal UV lights that kill bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. When choosing a portable air purifier for a car, make sure to understand your needs and the types of pollutants you want to eliminate. 

What are the Different Types of Car Air Purifiers?

There are several different types of car air purifiers that have unique designs for specific purposes. You can choose from devices designed to help reduce odors, control dust or eliminate germs & allergens. Each type is made differently, with some having more advanced features.

Car Air Ionizer

This type works more efficiently by focusing the ions towards the pollutants then directing them to a surface. The negative ions attach themselves to the contaminants using little force, but the downside is that the method does not eliminate odors and harmful gases.

HEPA Filters

A HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air filter) promises to remove at least 99.97% of pollutants such as mold, pollen, bacteria, dust, pet dander, smoke, and more. It's also an inexpensive option that can be pretty effective if the filter is replaced regularly.

Activated Carbon Filter

Filters that have activated carbon promise to remove all harmful gases, such as smoke, fumes, and other chemical-based contaminants.

UV Germicidal Lights

UV germicidal lights are perfect for those with allergies because they can destroy bacteria, viruses, and mold spores which may trigger an allergic reaction. Some devices use UV lights as the primary purification method, while others use them as a backup.

car air purifier

What are the Benefits of a Car Air Purifier?

The benefits of a car air purifier include:

Eliminate Odors

If you or someone in your car has smelly feet, this is the device for you because it can eliminate odors caused by bacteria.

Clean Air

It's no secret that there are harmful pollutants in the air outside but what many don't realize is that there are also dangerous contaminants in a car's air. When you drive, the recirculated air can become stuffy and stale, which increases your exposure to pollutants.

Shield you From Allergens

If allergies are an issue for you or others in your car, then using one of these devices is beneficial because it can reduce allergens that can trigger mild to severe reactions.

Improve your Overall Health

Air purifiers can help improve your overall health by reducing the risk of heart disease, asthma, and other respiratory problems caused by air pollution.

Should You Get an Air Purifier?

Yes! A car air purifier can significantly improve your car's air quality. It helps reduce the number of pollutants you breathe in during a trip which may improve your health. It's a worthy consideration for anyone suffering from allergies, those concerned about air pollution, or who want a cleaner-smelling car. However, it doesn't mean you neglect to go to a car wash and use other methods to keep your car clean.

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