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7 Reasons Why Your Dash Cam Keeps Turning Off & How to Fix Them

By Ina P. October 26, 2021 0 comments

A dash cam is an excellent investment for your car. It can help you in various ways, including protecting you from liability, capturing footage when an accident happens, and providing video evidence if someone vandalizes your vehicle. 

However, there are times when the dash cam will turn off or stop recording on its own. In this blog post, we answer the question, “why does my dash cam keep turning off?” by discussing seven reasons and solutions to fix them.

Why Does My Dash Cam Keep Turning Off?

Interrupted Connection

If you are using a battery as the power source, be sure to keep it connected. If it's shut off accidentally, this can cause your dash cam to stop working correctly. Make an effort to turn off the device when you're not driving or at least unplug it after that point. 

One way to avoid this issue is by checking out car cameras that run on direct current/voltage (DC/DC). Like other digital devices, these models will automatically switch to sleep mode if they lose connection with their power source. 

dash cam keep turning off

Power Surge

If there's a strong power surge of up to 300-400V, the dash cam will get destroyed. The circuit board might even get damaged if your charger is very old or not of good quality.

It would be best to buy a new high-quality charger that has the correct specifications and ampere rating for your device.

Temperature Damage

If you are using the dash camera during winter or summer, it can cause your battery to spike up. This might end up frying your dash cam's circuits and damage the board permanently. The temperature also needs to be within 10-40 degrees Celsius for it to work correctly.

Letting Your Dash Cam Get Too Hot

If you're using an external power source like USB, ensure it's disconnected when the device is working. There should be no issue with an internal battery if you forget to unplug it on time since the device will switch off on its own when it gets too hot or runs out of power. 

However, the same can't be said for car cameras that run on USB power. As long as there's a connection between the device and its power source, you risk overheating the system.

Forced Shutdown Due To Impact

Even though your device has been tested and certified for endurance, sometimes accidents can turn out unpredictable. To prevent this from happening, always use your dashcam in conjunction with a suction mount and protective case.

If you have a dashcam installed externally, it's likely to be affected by high-impact forces or particles in the road. This is because your vehicle might absorb some of the impact and vibrations, resulting in corrupted video files.

Firmware Issues

If you notice that your dash camera doesn't work as expected anymore after a new firmware update, then it's likely that a bug in the system was introduced and needs to be corrected.

Most users would look for an upcoming update and hope for the best, but this might not always fix things if there is a significant flaw in the code. In cases like these, it's best to go back to an older version of the firmware so that everything can go back to normal.

Solutions to Fix your Dash Cam Recording Problem

Check Your Connections

The first thing you should do is to check all the cables and connectors for any damage. Ensure they are not loose or corroded because this can cause an interruption causing the device to turn off. If it's fine, there might be something wrong with its wireless connectivity so do a manual reset.

Charge up the Battery

Charging up your battery just enough will ensure it lasts a full day of driving. This works well for batteries, especially when people don't want to wait overnight before using their dashcam. 

dash cam keep turning off

Make sure you don't charge up your phone too much because this can cause overheating, interrupting recording.

Change Power Source

If you're having problems with low battery life, then it's time to change the power source for your dash camera. If you have been using the same one that came in the box, try getting an aftermarket version instead, as they are more reliable and provide better functionality overall. They also tend to be cheaper than brand name options.

Clean Camera Lens

Issues with your device turning off could be a result of debris on its lenses. You can use a lens cleaner or cotton swab with some rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt/dust before it causes problems for the device during operation.

Check Your Memory Card

If you have been using the same one that came with your unit, it may still be under warranty. Contact customer service to see about getting a replacement because this could be why there is an issue. 

However, if it's past the period where they will replace it for free, or you don't want to wait until it gets sent back, consider buying a new one instead.

Check The Dash Cam's Temperature

If your car doesn't have any air conditioning, try parking it in the shade during the summer or running a fan to help keep things cooler. 

If you don't want this solution because of safety reasons, then consider getting a dashcam with good heat resistance, which will continue working even under extreme conditions.

Check The Motion Sensor

If your dash camera keeps turning off and it doesn't have a built-in GPS, then try checking if the motion sensor is causing problems. This can be done by manually pressing the record to see if it causes issues in recorded footage or on the LCD screen. 

It could also indicate an overheating problem, so make sure this component isn't getting too hot, primarily when used for more extended periods (like overnight).

Final Thoughts

If you keep experiencing problems with your dashcam turning off when using it, then make sure to try all of the different solutions outlined in this article. 

If one doesn't work right away, give it some time before checking out another option because chances are, at least one will help resolve the problem completely. Also, remember to check for any physical damage to cables or connectors that might prevent reliable usage during operation.

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